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Sociedad y Política de los Estados Unidos

The article begins by noting the gap that currently characterizes America between rich and poor, the little emphasis that Obama did in his previous State of union's speech and the uncertainty about the effect on redistribution and inequality. Then it makes mention of new taxes and changes to subsidies in the health sector , which could symbolize a beneficial horizon of aspects of social reach and the fact of increased taxes for rich people. It also says that the speech was not too much detailed with arguments, empty spaces where the conditions that distinguish young and old , healthy or sick of OBAMACARE are not visible and finally the article says that Republicans have not been agree at all , it is clear , while the Democrats are very excited. In short, the article talks about how OBAMACARE  and the initiatives might affect the health sector and the society.
      Now, personally I am partially agree with the article. Mainly I would like to emphasize that the OBAMACARE probably let some citizens uninsured, those who do not satisfy the requirements that insurers ( the new health insurance market ) , according to the medical history they have, in addition to the fact that those not employed by a government company and can not afford private health insurance will be fined, as if they have enough things to pay , except for those members of native tribes and people whose religion is in conflict with the health insurance system .
      This can translate into numbers as follows : The fee for the first year without insurance is 95 dollars per adult and 47 dollars per child , or 1% of income , whichever is higher. But in 2015 will rise to 2% of income , which means 325  dollars per adult and 162 dollars per child. And finally but not least, in 2016 , the figure may reach 2.5% of salary, which translates into rudeness. Leaving many uninsured citizens results to be a good market. Those who have insurance will cost them from $ 100 per month and growing up depending on the quality of insurance granted. However people can be insured by employers , the private sector , Medicaid and Social Security program for children.
      Secondly, I think the dynamic is : More healthy people buy insurance (which probably will not use ) and with the money that insurance get of that, would cover the costs to ensure seniors and sick people. Although I think one of the most important problems is the lack of quality of service in the health sector for those who lack the resources to obtain private insurance
      In conclusion, the OBAMACARE is nothing but one of the biggest bets of the Obama's administration , with representatively high costs for security and social health sectors. Furthermore represents another one reason for the discrepancy between Republicans ( always against OBAMACARE ) and Democrats ( who see it as a great achievement ) in both local, and federal . But in the end it is a strategy in which the people can see that the orientation of the Democrats is concerned with the social welfare and the scope of public policy , in other words , the OBAMACARE means a positive legacy for the Democrats in the next elections.

"Whenever I can take action without legislation to improve opportunities for American families , I will"
"Health care reform is important because it will give us tranquility"

Barack Obama

(Published by THE ECONOMIST - January/29 - 2014 under the title: "Obamacare and inequality - A healthy dose of redistribution")

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