viernes, 1 de marzo de 2013

Obama, congressional leaders fail to reach on sequester

Por: Jesús Tejeda Catalán
Comportamiento Político

The President of the United States blamed Republicans for not reaching an agreement and avoids automatic cuts to take effect this Friday. President Obama says that people will be seriously affected are middle-class families. He said after the President that this is not an action where there is a winner, but a loser in this case is the American people.

President Obama says will be a medium-term process, because families will not resent immediately. Obama said if the cuts could have been avoided, the Americans know that the economy may have improved. The President is powerless to do anything to change things, but remains hopeful that one day there is a change to improve the U.S. economy.

The president will insist that any changes can be made to the economy. Obama's cabinet and Congress were resigned to leave domestic spending cuts and defense known as the "sequester" enter into force; the President must sign the spending cuts before midnight. This was decided by the decision of Republican lawmakers to Obama is not the right thing to be doing a series of cuts to what they call it silly and arbitrary.

According to what he says Zaller, the elite when he suffers a division that's when it enters the public opinion formation. Relating the news is when President Obama did not come to an agreement with the Congress to change the country's economic situation. This meant there was an uncertainty in future American society and has a series of protests by the U.S. economic situation.

The masses would support the President for the way in trying to change things, because according to the information that is generated, the people most affected would be the middle class. In the future come the jobless and many people out of work. People would see the following as alarming. What President Obama also sought was to raise taxes on the rich in order to compensate for the country's economy.

Now, what the President said to the American people is to express an opinion on the masses, because it tries to build a dissatisfaction in people, to manifest and then go on to blame the Congress of the measures they have taken. The note says Obama cannot change the minds of lawmakers for wanting to make things right, that means that the President is in the best position to improve things, this can form a negative opinion towards the Congress.

In conclusion, I think the President Obama it was correct, look for ways to balance the country's economy and was not affected most of the population with the budget cut. The extent of increase or taxing those most have is a measure that can help the U.S. economy. Lawmakers are only available in the deal for lower taxes in general and not replace spending cuts.

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