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Avanza ley antidiscriminación en EU

Edmy Camacho Pineda
Gobierno y procesos políticos de los Estados Unidos

Avanza ley antidiscriminación en EU
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The note is about the U.S. Senate approved on Thursday a landmark bill that prohibits companies hire or fire people based on their sexual orientation or identity.
The Non-Discrimination Act in Employment (ENDA) passed with 64 votes in favor and 32 against, with support from both Democrats and Republicans. This marks the first time that federal lawmakers have passed legislation to promote gay rights since late 2010, when it was left without validation banning homosexuals in the military. The campaign to enact federal protections workplace for gays and lesbians began 17 years ago.
"The Senate made ​​clear to end discrimination on the job," said Sen. Jeff Merkely, who led the campaign to pass the legislation in the House Democratic majority.
But the measure faces a major challenge in the House of Representatives, controlled by Republicans, where Chairman John Boehner has already announced that it would oppose the text because as it can cause damage to businesses and lead to costly lawsuits amounts.
Personally, I agree with the Senate passage of the Law on Non-Discrimination in Employment, especially because there are many local laws that have been adopted by governments and enterprises, which prohibit the hiring and firing of people for their sexual orientation. I think this is a news that besides greatly benefit the LGBT community, also benefits the public opinion on Obama and the Democratic Party as this was the party that promoted the approval of the minutes within the House Democratic and  in the Senate. Moreover, the statement of Chairman John Boehne about there will be an opposition in the House of Representatives controlled by Republicans, put in a bad position to the Republicans to the opinion and public support.
I think the issue of the rights of homosexuals and transsexuals in the United States should start taking a lot more strength in political legislation at all levels, as it is a situation that is growing and requires the elimination or reduction of all discrimination by passing all persons whose sexual preferences are considered different from the "normal". I think that while this approval is an important step, it takes many and better laws that change shape and depth the situation of LGBT people and that these laws are not only serving politicians to attract the vote popular.

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