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Detainees Sentenced in Seconds in ‘Streamline’ Justice on Border

Aránzazu Méndez Cruz
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Detainees Sentenced in Seconds in ‘Streamline’ Justice on Border
The news of " Detainees Sentenced in Seconds in ‘Streamline’ Justice on Border" published by the New York Times , talks about the arrest and detention of immigrants. Judge Bernardo P. Velasco Tucson mention that there is a speed at which they had sealed the fate of 70 migrants who were caught when they tried to enter the country. They were arrested and receive a judgment .
It is said that this is part of the battle against illegal immigration carries , and this is called Operation Streamline, is the basis of a federal program that operates in three border states and about the persecution and detention as convincing for those trying to cross the border illegally as a . In a way is a bad way strategy that tries to increase the consequences for those who violate laws. The courts used to Operation Streamline in treating unauthorized immigrants as criminals simply for the act of crossing the border illegally is a treated as a federal crime.
 Unlike civil immigration courts located throughout the country where there deportation cases are conducted as violations of administrative code of the nation.
People who were arrested on the border are in a poor condition and treat them as criminals , they all came together to respond to the same charges of illegal entry and illegal reentry less crime , a felony. Plead guilty to a lesser charge that is to save some time behind bars. Immigration is the only offense that could cause .
Similarly Judge Velasco mentioned in an interview " What we do is constitutional , satisfies due process . It may not look good, but it has everything that the law requires . "
But just as it is for so many deportations have been accusations of assembly line justice . This program began during the presidency of George W. Bush , and has increased during the Obama presidency , highlighting the so aggressively with which his government has handled deportations last December reached a record for an American president.
The Speaker of the House , John A. Boehner mentions that there will be no legislation immigration reform this year , it seems that the program Operation Streamline is maintained in a central role. It is a comprehensive bill and was approved by the Senate.
Disagree with this operation being carried out as many people who only want a better life will be deported and imprisoned , they're qualifying as criminals which really are not , I think that a good way to be that if the stop but the return to their country of origin and not be imprisoned in another country.

In conclusion Operation Streamline is a comprehensive bill that is approved but not think it is the best law to treat the problem with undocumented immigrants. for Judge Velasco is very satisfying what you are doing and what is being accomplished and to capture many immigrants and be sentenced is a joy for him and not done me a wrong way to solve the problem and also discarded any reform legislation immigration.

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