viernes, 28 de febrero de 2014

U.S. Militant, Hidden, Spurs Drone Debate

Stephanie Vergara Reina
ID. 146055
Sociedad y Política de Estados Unidos
Viernes 28 Febrero 2014

Abdullah -Al Shami case is taken into account by the Obama administration, it is deciding whether to kill it or not without a trial, the government is deciding if he´s an american resident and if the killing is authorized abroad because it has a big link with Al Qaeda in Pakistan where he was involved in a case where the sentenced Abu Abdullah al- Shami escaped with three others from the U.S. military prison in Bagram , Afghanistan, in 2005 and died in an attack air , three years later.

Some institutions like the FBI determined that Shami is born in America but his stays in the country for a short time, inadvertently released much , or make videos, he made ​​his way with the senior leadership of Al Qaeda and get to become one of the main planners for operations outside Pakistan including plots against U.S. troops in Afghanistan , yet this conflict came to consider that this could be a strategy for infiltrating an American in Al Qaeda did not show.

U.S. Militant, Hidden, Spurs Drone Debate

I am in agreement with the U.S. government as may an important factor is that Abdullah -Al Shami has been an American citizen, but apparently in the article most of his life not lived there and became involved with Al Qaeda for that point that today is considered a major source of information not only in Pakistan but in countries nearby towns . President Barack Obama needs to make a decision , but taking more into account the opinions and information collected by the government on Shami, so then they are not going to be able to refute about his murder and to be investigated fully and not to present evidence against U.S. government. If the president of the White House does not make a good decision may come as external information listed at the end of the article where it was discovered that four Americans had died in air strikes during Obama 's time in office. Also if the SITE Intelligence Group makes good use of his faculties could get to find substantial evidence for the case of Abdullah Al - Shami and his assassination regardless of the appearance of their citizenship or their importance to Al Qaeda but in this last aspect I think the American government  could be affected by the decisions of this organization and could be potential terrorist attacks if the evidence of the U.S. government are not reliable. In conclusion I think that in the article they " speculated ," too much, it is said that FBI or CIA found some evidence but these are not fully tested and in terms of biographical data Shami not want them known to say that they are only for use of the government, then I wonder, biographical documents of Abdullah- Al Shami would harm the U.S. government especially Barack Obama if they show them to the public in general?

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