martes, 1 de abril de 2014

Health Care Law Meets Goal of 7 Million Enrollees

Alejandro Figueroa Cancino

–Health Care Law Meets Goal of 7 Million Enrollees

The President Obama talked today about his law of healthcare and his administration success in signing more than 7 million enrollees for private insurance, and he highlighted that this law is “something to be proud of  regardless of your politics, or your feelings about me, or your feelings about this law. That’s something that’s good for our economy, and it’s good for our country. There’s no good reason to go back.” President Obama said.

Obama acknowledged   that maybe his program didn´t fixed the already healthcare broken system and the problems of the
law implementation  but it has made the healthcare system a lot better.

Also the white house press secretary send a message to the critics who doubted that the goal would be met “how will that effort to repeal the law ensure that Americans have access to the same quality health care that members of Congress have?” Mr. Carney asked.

It has been used a lot of social media, volunteers and political campaign tactics to promote this law and convince people about this new system, and it is also a fact that with this new system people who go without health insurance  may be subject to tax penalties.

I agree with the speech of Obama about the implementation of this new health care system, this changes had to be done sooner or later it is necessary to solve the problem of health care in the United  States also as a significant step in the improvement of  the economy of the US society.

but it is also important to note that this program may have its negative aspects, such as the fact that such programs do not really solve the problem, and may start to generate other problems, an example may be the program that was launched in 1960 "Aid to dependent Families with children" or AFDC  this was a moderately generous program of income transfers to families with children in poverty and it had an impact on the inmportant standard of living of the poor children but in the 1980s the argument of the conservatives against this program was easy "welfare dependency programs Encouraged dependency rather than autonomy and responsibility" AFDC Promoted a culture of pasivitie and irresponsability.


It is important to emphasize that negative comments will be carried out by the opposition because for them it is of great importance that this initiative will not be successful in view of the medium term elections and the elections of 2018, no doubt the opposition will continue playing its role and try to criticize this and much of the actions of President Obama as the supreme representative of the democratic party.

This program can have a high profit in U.S. society however it will be interesting to see how this unfolds andi t will be important to  identify policy issues  weaknesses that will be vital to not  repeat mistakes of programs that have been implemented previously in the U.S., from my perspective is a good initiative that can bring good benefits but also its durability is uncertain. 

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