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Education in the US
Maria del Carmen Serrato 145638

            The article talks about the education sector in the Unites States, although it mentions a few statistics concerning the fulfillment of the high school years as well as college degree. Its main focus is on the idea of equal education amongst both white and black population. It references to the history events that began the whole equality movement, which it is mentioned to be the point which marked the United States as a “truly multiracial world nation”. The idea in the article is that in reference to the history of the segregation in public education no advancements have been done according to the scholar Richard Rothstein. On the contrary the writer of the article Ronald Brownstain says that is a very pessimistic view on the subject. It goes then to explain that by now blacks have to a certain degree passed the amount of people with high school degrees (between the ages of 25 to 29).
            Either way it does not only concentrate on the positive aspects since in the article it also mentions the fact that there are still many aspects that need to be improved. One of the aspects that it mentions is the completion of college that even if it has increased through the years the difference between whites and African-Americans is still high. Then it points out how now the minority group having to do with the subject, the Hispanics, which tend to undergo isolation in the education system. The main difference is seen on the income, the studies to which it refers state that “three-fourths of African-Americans and two-thirds of Hispanics attend schools where a majority of the students qualify as low-income”. The idea explained is that the society no longer relies on equality and access to education but it is now more about the competitiveness within such topic.

I believe that altogether it is a great concern that the segregation is returning to the American society and it is indeed a issue that needs attention.  Without having a diverse and competitive society then it will not only affect the social order, also it can have as a repercussion the weakening of the society as a whole. Together with that the economy has to be considered, since the education and its competitiveness is one of the aspects that keeps the United States as a string country.
            To me, it seems clear that the segregation will always be a part of the society because of the history and culture that it involves. Either way there is certain degrees in which this can be controlled so as it wont affect the society as a whole. Ironically it seems that having a African-American president was not something that empowered the African-American community. This may mainly be because its has to do with more than what the society sees, the access to education no longer is enough and as the society changes there is need for change in the system. In this case the education system giving equal access to develop each individual’s “talents” in order to create competitiveness amongst all.

            It is true that the segregation in education is not as it was many years ago, the equality between whites and African-Americans has developed but has not jet fully completed itself. Yes, there will always be differences specially because a lot from this comes from culture and what people are used to. Either way if the United States wants to continue being a string country it needs to continue to encourage the competitiveness amongst all or at least a majority of its population.

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